Project highlight: 55′ Cheoy Lee Maraya’s new custom metal window frames


55′ Cheoy Lee sailboat Maraya is getting some new custom metal window frames by Dolfab Metal Fabricators

Creating custom metal window frames for a 55′ sailboat is a great testament to the ingenuity of the Dolfab team, and it gives us a chance to show you some of our equipment in action. These custom- made window frames require the use of our Waterjet cutter and a special router table that was created and assembled by our team specifically for this purpose.

The table allows for the router to be held in place while the window frames are turned around it, instead of the other way around (normally, the metal fabricator would turn the router around the piece being worked on). The pieces of metal being turned were too thin for the traditional application, so we came up with this solution:

This isn’t the first time we get creative with projects, and we know that it won’t be the last. Every metal fabrication project, yacht refit, and repair or custom project is unique, and we see new situations all the time. We draw from our collective experience in metal fabrication, which is quite extensive, to come up with innovative solutions to each new challenge.

We’re scheduled to complete this project over the next couple of weeks and will be posting updates to our Facebook page.

See Waterjet Cutter in action:

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Dolfab is Certified Partner at Lauderdale Marine Center


We’re very proud to announce that Dolfab has been designated as one of Lauderdale Marine Center’s Certified Partners.

This change comes under Lauderdale Marine Center’s new management, and is a testament to their dedication to the highest marine quality standards.

Lauderdale Marine Center

Lauderdale Marine Center is the largest yacht repair facility in the United States. They employ a rigorous system of checks and balances that require all preferred vendors to maintain specific certifications in order to remain in good standing. We at Dolfab exceeded these requirements. We’re OSHA Certified and have our Hot Work Permits, in addition to many other industry certifications applicable to specific projects.


At Lauderdale Marine Center, customers can rest assured that they are dealing with true marine professionals who have the credentials and the experience to handle their toughest yacht repair projects. Dolfab offers yacht refit project management and execution, fuel tank repair, custom fuel tank fabrication, engine room brightwork, and a myriad of other services related to custom metal work on vessels from t-top fishing boats to luxury superyachts.


Being a Certified Vendor at Lauderdale Marine Center further reinforces our commitment to customer satisfaction and to being a leader in the marine industry.