Dolfab Lifts


DOLFAB’s Flat Screen TV Lift System is ideal for added entertainment without sacrificing valuable space or the interior aesthetics of you Home, Boat, or RV. Our systems are light weight, silent running, and made from fully marinized materials. Our lift system has a 15″ to 65″ capacity.

At Dolfab we use top quality materials. We have a unique system for manufacturing the TV lift systems to limit the number of welds, therefore making a stronger more durable product than most on the market today. Additional Features are: Remote Control Capabilities, CPU Controlled Operations, Corrosion Resistant, Weather Proof, and completely concealed when closed.

Our most popular unit the Fold Down System can have the doors covered to match the area of installation so that when the doors are closed it is virtually unnoticeable. Unlike many other models in the market the wiring in our units are concealed from view whether in the down or up position.